The Facebook publication guide

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A publication Facebook is a message you post from a Facebook page.

Today, we will only be interested in posts you share from the post tool. These Facebook posts appear in the news feed of users who are subscribed to your Facebook page.

Let’s see what is now possible to publish from the new version of Facebook pages deployed in 2021. Note that your publication tool may be different from mine, if you do not yet have a new Facebook page.

# 1. Facebook post with text

Posts with text only are the easiest and fastest to design, because they do not require any multimedia element.

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Posted by Isabelle Mathieu on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The number of characters is limited to 63,206 … Very precisely.

Beyond a few lines, the text is split in two. The part not visible can be viewed by clicking on the link ” Show more » .

For very short text posts, a background is selectable at the bottom of the content window.

facebook post text

# 2. Facebook post with a photo

Facebook posts may include one or more photos / images.

Here the recommended format is horizontal, that is 1260 x 628 pixels.

For my part, I prefer a vertical (1080 x 1350 pixels; 4: 5 ratio) or square (1080 x 1080 pixels; 1: 1 ratio) format.. Indeed, by occupying a more important place in the news feed, the photos are thus likely to attract more the attention of the users.

vertical photo publication
Photo credits: @cottonbro

When working with multiple images, the result will be different depending on the size, number of images and the order of upload, as you can see in the examples below (square format).

publication facebook 2 images
Crédit photos : @the-glorious-studio
publication facebook 3 images
Crédit photos : @the-glorious-studio
publication facebook 4 images
Crédit photos : @the-glorious-studio

Note that if you add more than 4 images, additional images are not visible directly in the newsfeed. The user must click on the last numbered image at the bottom right to access all the images.

publication facebook 5 images
Crédit photos : @the-glorious-studio

If you are not satisfied with their order, remember the editor allows you to move images with drag and drop, before or after publication.

# 3. Facebook post with video

The video is one of the popular content types on Facebook.

The MP4 and MOV formats are the most suitable for this platform. Since viewing Facebook on mobile devices is very important, I recommend first the vertical format is 4: 5, then the square format 1: 1.

Also, when you import your video, you will be prompted to enter a title, description and keywords. Those elements are important because they make it easier to find your video.

For subtitles, you have several options:

  • Use the automatic generation feature subtitles and modify them manually if necessary
  • Write them yourself
  • Import a SubRip file (.srt)

There too, do not miss this step: many users do not turn on audio for videos.

Another interesting element: thumbnail. Choose a eye-catching image (with the same ratio as your video).

Note that it is also with this publication option that you will upload your animated GIF.

Finally, remember that Facebook does not recommend image slideshow, text editing and looping video for this format..

# 4. Facebook publication with a live

The live is a video broadcast live during which you can interact simultaneously with your viewers. The maximum duration of a live from a computer is 8 hours.

Live videos receive a preferential treatment of the algorithm only during their dissemination.

The easiest way to start a live is touse your computer’s camera and microphone. But be aware that you are also able to resort to streaming or encoding software.

Your live is accompanied bya title and D’a description. From audience settings are available if you want to define your target more precisely, including age.

When you select “use camera”, you must configure your sources for video and microphone.

The settings for your live broadcast allow you to configure the stream (ex: latency), thedisplay (ex: going back) and the comments (ex: moderation and security).

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Your live may include surveys, from questions or even a link to the front page.

If you want test your live before a broadcast, select the “publish as test delivery” option. Your audience will not see your test this way.

# 5. Facebook post with questions / answers

This type of publication prompts users to ask questions for a real-time Q&A session.

This format is easily identifiable because it is displayed with a colorful background, a wording “Questions / Answers” and one “Ask a question” button.

facebook post question answer

When users write a question, the question joins a set of questions that the community can browse by scrolling. stack of cards.

The administrator ends the Questions / Answers session by selecting ” End the question and answer session In the context menu. Otherwise, the session ends automatically after 24 hours. At this time, users can only comment on the post.

Note that questions / answers are not currently only available on computer. Moreover, they are not not yet accessible to everyone.

As a reminder, questions / answers also exist in Facebook groups.

# 6. Facebook post with a message

A post with a message button prompts users to send a private message directly from the post.

publication facebook message messenger

In the new version of Facebook pages, you can choose a post with a message button only to Facebook Messenger, while the old version also offered WhatsApp. WhatsApp becomes the preferred means of contact for the store.

Of course, Facebook Messenger must be activated on your page so that you are able to offer this type of publication (page and identification settings> privacy> messaging).

Once the user clicks the call-to-action button at the bottom of the post, a Messenger chat window will open.

Beyond the interest of getting in touch with your audience, this feature can create a interesting experience depending on your Messenger configuration, with or without an automatic chat bot.

# 7. Facebook post with a link

Facebook post with a link is used when you want redirect traffic to an external website.

When the latter is properly configured, the publication automatically generates an image in landscape format extracted from the page or article to which it refers.

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Posted by Isabelle Mathieu on Tuesday, January 19, 2021

To modify the metadata of this type of publication (ex: title or image), you have to verify your domain name with one of the 3 methods offered in the Business Manager (company settings> brand safety> domain): meta tag verification, import of an HTML file or DNS verification.

This action allows you to prove to Facebook that you are the owner of the claimed domain name.

However, you can no longer edit metadata directly from the post on, as we used to in the past. You now need to go through Creator Studio.

Not having access to Facebook Business Suite yet, I don’t know if the same is true with this tool.


Publishing Facebook posts shows that your company is active on the platform and that she cares to communicate to her community.

The social network offers many types of publication that appear in the news feed of users.

It’s up to you to determine which ones resonate the most with your audience and help you achieve your goals.

In order to be more efficient, remember that you can pin your posts Where program them for better dissemination.

Finally, Facebook offers other types of publications such as the stories (placement in a dedicated carousel), or appointments, events and job offers (professional tools).

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