The employee experience to guarantee a successful customer experience

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The concept customer centric has long been the guiding strategy of the company to increase its market share and profit. However, many studies have shown that customer satisfaction and the loyalty of customers depend largely on the quality of service offered. It is the compliance of the company’s products and services with demand. Customer satisfaction also depends on the quality of the customer experience that results from the services of employees at all levels. How to increase the efficiency of employees in this customer relationship ? Some answers will be discussed in the following lines.

Is there a correlation between employee experience and customer satisfaction?

Human resources are the first front line in dealing with customers. Satisfied employees generate a positive impact on those concerned. On the other hand, disgruntled employees will not want to fully invest in the life and the objectives of the company. It then becomes necessary to change the course of marketing strategy towards a better employee experience.

Statistical analysis by Glassdoor states that a 10% increase in employee engagement would translate into a 5% increase in the quality of service to customers and a 2% growth in company profit.

A good employee experience generates commitment, then a real desire to contribute to the success of your business. The principle is based on the concept of win-win. In other words, when employees gain benefits, the company can expect a positive outcome in return. Therefore, revisions of the principles will be necessary. This initiative aims to improve the employee experience on the social, environmental and financial side.

Improve the employee experience on the financial side

An employee chooses to apply to a company for different reasons. Employee testimonials add tremendous value to promoting the employer brand. To tend to corporate branding is of the utmost importance. Does the salary grid align with the efforts made by the employees? Does the company recognize the investment made by its players?

All of these points play a significant role in attracting and retaining new talent. The first criterion for choosing candidates is to find a company offering a fair salary and meeting their needs. The second reason for choosing a business is the offer of bonuses, bonuses or other financial benefits.

When a company is competitive in terms of salary, it already sets itself apart from its competitors. He can expect positive feedback from his acquisition strategy. The existence of talented collaborators within its organization allows to maintain an adequate level of professionalism.

This also makes it possible to obtain an increase in its profitability and productivity. Financially satisfied employees will be motivated. They will be enthusiastic about making more efforts to increase the bottom line of the business. They realize that if the business wins in sales, they will also be the first to benefit.

Improve the employee experience on the social side

It is commonly agreed that listening to customers is crucial in order to properly meet their expectations and needs. We are talking here about the employee experience strategy, or a strategy focused on employees. Therefore, employees also need to be listened to.

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In order to retain its employees, the company must know whether it is meeting their needs and demands correctly. It is therefore necessary to identify the obstacles that could interfere in the quest for a satisfactory employee experience.

Anticipating solutions remains the best way for the company to protect itself against unforeseeable situations. In the case of illnesses, for example, do the employees benefit from company support? Does a support at least in part exist? Are the expenses incurred by the purchase of drugs and hospitalization reimbursed? Do their families also benefit from care?

Minimizing the amount of time lost at work increases the productivity rate of the company. It then becomes necessary to remedy anything that could slow down the production speed. The company could provide employees with personnel transport to improve punctuality or a canteen service to avoid round trips.

Improve the employee experience it is also caring about the well-being of its employees. In order to ensure better profitability, the company must find a good balance between working time and break time. Do employees have optimal vacation rights or absence permissions? Do they manage to find a balance between their private and professional lives?

Improve the employee experience by optimizing working conditions

Creating a pleasant working environment helps to increase employee motivation. This affects the interprofessional relationship, in other words the relationship between employees, with hierarchical superiors.

In order for human resources to perform at their best, they need stability and to feel secure. Will they benefit from a career development? In terms of hiring, the company could give its employees the privilege of obtaining a CDI after a CDD.

Employees spend 70% of their day at work. It is therefore important that they feel at ease in order to be able to express themselves and continue to live normally. The managerial system could establish respect for difference and the elimination of discrimination in matters of lifestyle, religion and gender. An example of considering the difference would be to set up a private area for smokers.

The provision of good materials and work tools will also accelerate and increase collective productivity.

To conclude, if the company wants to increase its profit, it will have to bet on the quality of service offered to customers. Three main areas will have to be considered, in particular in terms of the speed of its intervention, its skills and its professionalism. The secret lies in motivating employees to be energetic and full of positivity. They will invest body and soul in the life of the company. Their motivations will drive them to produce extraordinary results. A satisfied employee will see their work as a passion, not a chore. Customer satisfaction will produce an effect of feedback positif. Collaborators will realize the importance of their activities and the purpose of their work.

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