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Admin Feature Updates: Make Sure You Get The Best ROI From Brandwatch

This year, we've made several updates to track and manage your Brandwatch account usage. Deploying Brandwatch to large teams across multiple projects…
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YouTube Tests New ‘Engagement Graph’ Insights on Videos, Adds New Member Acknowledgement Feature

YouTube’s looking to help viewers find the most engaging elements of video clips, while it’s also launching a new feature to acknowledge…
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Instagram launches its new map feature to help businesses

After a busy summer full of changes, Instagram seems to have returned to normal but incorporating new functions. Among them the new…
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Do you know the Feature of the Creative Outdoor Magic Cube LED Display/Screen?

With the emergence of creative LED displays, digital LED posters couldn’t meet the requirements of many advertising agencies. So LED cubes are all…
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Facebook announces the arrival of “Clear History”, a feature that could weaken targeting

Facebook's Clear History feature will arrive at the end of 2019. It will impact Facebook's ad targeting ability for advertisers. During the…
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