My best tips for creating an Amazon listing that generates daily sales

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Yesterday I had a space to think. I have dedicated it to the creation of a new listing with which I will possibly be able to generate up to several daily sales.

If I take the figures for the last 30 days, 40% of our profit comes from the sale of Pokémon packs and cards. There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, our topseller has dropped to 26%, which was previously 65%. On the other hand, we have been creating new listings that we still did not have 3-6 months ago.

This all started with the boom of Pokémon and my initial interest in the subject. I started in January of this year with a marked budget of 10,000 euros. These figures I have already far exceeded. I have been carried away by emotions. At the same time this has forced me to recoup part of the investment. This has made me find the theme of the packs on Amazon.

The Pokémon example helps me explain my strategy to generate product listings that can help you increase your turnover and your profits on Amazon.

Make use of an existing listing

The easiest way is to make use of existing listings. In my case, a pack of 50 letters in German that generates many daily sales among relatively few sellers. I am the most expensive of all but despite this I am not able to keep up with the daily sales of this product. Right now I am investigating different options to be able to increase production.

Create small variations of the top sellers

One of the next strategies that I have been creating watching the sales of the German pack is to create my own pack for other languages ​​(Spanish, English and Japanese). These without promoting them have been generating sales. They are long-tail sales because not all of them generate daily sales. Since we have no competition in these listings, the margin and ROI are being higher. In sum these sales and exceed that of the top seller.

Combine two top sellers and create a new listing

Another technique that I have already recommended on several occasions is to take two top sellers and create a new listing for them. In our case, it will be to combine a pack of 50 cards with protective sleeves for the cards. These listings have also been created by other competitors but looking at the figures there is room for one more.

Make a pack with many items including a top seller

When you buy batches of Pokémon cards, sellers sometimes add all kinds of accessories such as card dividers, coins, pins, manuals, etc. These separately does not make much sense to sell them. That is why I am going to create a new listing where I am going to offer 200 cards along with these types of extra items. It is a perfect gift for this Christmas because compared to ETBs that contain similar content, they will be much cheaper and will have more content. We’ll see what comes out of here.

Stay tuned.


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