If Your Advertising Campaigns Are Not Working… Try This!

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Do you feel like putting together an advertising campaign is hard? Listen in as your host Hernan Vazquez describes a couple of ways that you can make your advertising better so that it can add value to your business.

Hernan is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that works with clients and students around the world to increase their revenue through the use of cutting-edge digital strategies and technologies. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in digital marketing and also consults with several large revenue companies, so he knows what works.

There is a difference between paid advertising and organic advertising, listen as Hernan discusses the difference between them, which one works faster and why you can’t compare apples and oranges. He shares the reason your advertising campaign might not be working, how your product will usually go over better with your organic audience, and why paid advertising is like cold calling but still necessary.

Hernan discusses three things that a campaign must have to be successful. (1) put content out in a way that makes people know, like, and trust you. (2) Put out content that reflects and helps your marketplace. (3) Keep running your advertisement even when you do not see results. 

Hernan shares in-depth techniques to help you with your ads and marketing funnel. He has probably forgotten more than most of us know, so if Facebook advertising campaigns are confusing to you and you can’t figure out what you are doing wrong, this is the episode you can’t miss. 

For more information on how to fix your Facebook advertising campaigns, download my Facebook Ads Guidebook , and my Free Ads Cheat Sheet .

In This Episode:

[01:12] Welcome to the show!

[01:23] Hernan shares why he feels that most advertising campaigns don’t work.

[01:39] He shares a story about a conference he went to and who he was hoping would be there.

[03:36] Hernan speaks about a reason your advertising campaign might not be working.

[05:03] Hernan shares the launch of one of his products and how well it went over with the organic audience.

[07:01] Put out content in a way that makes people know like and trust you.

[07:52] Put out content that helps your marketplace.

[08:06] Keep on running your advertisement even if you do not see any results yet.

[08:53] Stop comparing apples and oranges, organic and paid advertising are different animals.

[09:42] Please download my Free Ads Cheat Sheet .

[10:11] Thank you for hanging out with me for a little bit, and please share this podcast.

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