how to use Pinterest advertising for your ecommerce

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The growing popularity of Pinterest has led many companies to use Pinterest Ads, a tool that, as it works on other social networks, allows the launch of promotional content within the platform in order to attract the attention of users. Now Pinterest has announced the launch of Pinterest Shopping, which will allow some brands to sell through the social network.

We explain everything you need to know about Pinterest Shopping and how the use of Pinterest Ads can help in an ecommerce strategy.

Pinterest Shopping: what is it?

Pinterest Shopping is a space within Pinterest reserved to highlight products and sell them. For now, this new functionality will be available to sellers and consumers in only some countries, Spain among them.

As the company has announced, there will be different ways to make purchases, one of them is through searches. When you visit this social network and do a search on a specific topic, a tab will appear with products that can be purchased related to it. In addition, it can be filtered by price and brand, which will allow users to refine their searches.

Pinterest Shopping how to use Pinterest advertising for your ecommerce

Another option is buy on pins, since it has been detected that many user needs arise after viewing images on Pinterest. From now on, when a pin is clicked, the products that appear on it and can be purchased will appear. One of the peculiarities of this purchase system is that information that may be of interest to the user will also be displayed, such as the price, reviews, shipping options … Even if there is an option to make the purchase on the seller’s official website.

Pinterest Shopping how to use Pinterest advertising for your ecommerce

It will also be possible buy through Lens, which means that you can take a photo of a product and Pinterest will show and allow you to buy that same or a similar one. Thanks to this system, those needs that appear offline will be merged with online purchases.

Additionally, users will be able to view a store option on your boards. THE product pins.

Pinterest Shopping how to use Pinterest advertising for your ecommerce

Pinterest Shopping becomes, with this new functionality, a new sales channel, so taking into account its popularity, it is undoubtedly worth evaluating its incorporation into a content marketing strategy.

Advantages of Pinterest Ads for your ecommerce strategy

Pinterest is one of the fashionable social networks and has more than 400 million active users, which is why many brands use Pinterest Ads within their marketing strategies. But now there are many other reasons to include this tool within an ecommerce strategy, the main one being that this social network becomes a sales channel.

These are the main advantages of Pinterest Ads within an ecommerce strategy:

  • It has low costs: the competition in this social network is lower compared to others, such as Facebook or Instagram, so you can have greater visibility without investing a large amount of money. Also, the CPC is lower considering the prices on other platforms.
  • Is still growing: Pinterest is a platform that is still growing, so advertising on it is a way to reach more and more users.
  • It is not oversaturatedUnlike other platforms, Pinterest is a social network that is not oversaturated with ads, so users are more receptive to any information that is related to their interests.
  • It has a great inspiring effect: It has been found that a very high percentage of user needs are born after viewing content on Pinterest. This means that advertising on this social network and providing access to the products shown in the publications can increase sales for a brand.
  • Allows you to do segmentation: Nowadays, being able to do a segmentation is key, since you can reach that audience interested in a specific product taking into account the searches carried out. Pinterest allows targeting to reach a specific audience.
  • It’s very visual: through visual content it is much easier and faster to reach the user.

To these advantages we want to add that there are brands that have detected that users who come to their online store through Pinterest have a higher chance of completing the purchase compared to other social networks. They even tend to spend more money, since different products can be displayed in the same publication. Additionally, using Pinterest is a way to generate web traffic, which translates into more sales.

This, obviously, as long as the content created is of quality and inspires the user. However, this does not mean that other social ad strategies that are being followed should be abandoned.

How to use Pinterest Shopping in your online business

Pinterest is a social network with great sales potential, although to achieve those growth sales it is necessary to do things right and step by step.

Upload products to Pinterest profile

Pins are the key element, since through this element the products are shown to the users of this social network. You have to think that they come to Pinterest looking for inspiration and products to buy, so they will have to be displayed in an attractive and striking way.

The first thing is to know that the product pins come from the catalogs, which is a way to load a product data source within the social network; or from the detailed pins, which are saved directly on Pinterest from the brand’s website. The latter group cannot be promoted and will only appear if they are part of the verified merchant program.

Pinterest Shopping how to use Pinterest advertising for your ecommerce

One of the main advantages of using your own catalog and transforming it into pins is that all products can be classified by categories or groups, which will facilitate the search for the user. In addition, all products can be shown in the feed if you want to gain visibility, although in this case you have to make sure that the photos are attractive and striking and not those of a simple online store.

Brands that want to promote product groups can create Shopping ads, allowing product pins to be shown to more people.

We also want to add that Pinterest allows you to connect a Shopify store with a Pinterest Business account. In this case, the catalog is uploaded directly to the social network and the purchases tab is added to the profile, so that any user can access and buy.

When the store on Pinterest is already in operation, the profile must be controlled and optimized as much as possible, as well as adding the information that is deemed appropriate and informing the followers of this.

Develop brand loyalty

It has been found that on Pinterest more than half of users tend to loyalty with the brands they like and give them good results.

To gain visibility and also to build more user trust, the brand can join the verified merchant program. In addition, being part of this program is a way to show details about the brand and its values, which brings the user closer.

Adapt advertising campaigns

Pinterest allows different types of ad to be made, so campaigns must be designed to suit the moment and the type of audience you want to attract:

  • Shopping Ads: they are perfect because they reach the user at the right time and are the ones that provide information on price, availability and other useful details for the user.
  • Collection announcements: in this case the products are presented in the form of slides. This allows multiple similar items to be displayed and the buyer to decide which one to buy. It is ideal for not giving a single option to the user.
  • targeted ads: There are people who have not bought a product despite showing interest in it. For this type of people, the use of segmented advertising is ideal, which appears based on the searches or the articles that they have added in carts.
  • Automatic offers: Pinterest has the function of displaying and adjusting, based on the user’s interests, the offers to achieve the highest possible number of conversions.

Taking into account all these steps, the next thing will be to measure the results and the impact of Pinterest on users. That is, you should look at the number of conversions that have been achieved to see if any change or readjustment should be made in the campaign or in the strategy that is being followed in this social network.

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