How to create effective SEM campaigns if you have an e-commerce

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SEM for e-commerce

E-commerce seems to have no end and it is time that SEM becomes more important for e-commerce. In recent times, online stores have been at the forefront in terms of progressive growth, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and confinements. More and more companies want to join this trend which continues to generate profits.

The truth is, not everything can be rosy for companies that sell their products and services through e-commerce. Today the competition in the sector is very strong and this is why it is essential to differentiate oneself in order to reach a much better position. La SEO plays a central role in this sense, but also the SEM for ecommerce it does.

Turnover is what will determine whether a company is successful or not. To get good numbers it is necessary to have a defined strategy that the target can easily understand. The most advisable thing is not to use a single strategy, but rather several activities such as l’email marketing, social networks and SEO positioning among the rest.

All of these methods or strategies are important and even necessary, but their results are generally available in the long or medium term. To quickly drive traffic to the digital space, SEM e-commerce search advertising is the best option.

SEM in digital marketing strategies

SEM in digital marketing strategies

SEM actions for ecommerce or Search Engine Marketing are all the practices that are carried out on a website to obtain maximum visibility through advertising campaigns on search engines. The SEM are the results obtained in the different platforms or search engines such as Google or Yahoo for a fee.

Difference between SEO and SEM

Difference between SEO and SEM

While SEO is all about organic content ranking, SEM is all about ranking paid content. Items that get paid usually have the word “Sponsored” or “Announcement” at the bottom of very small letters. In fact, there is nothing in organic search results to indicate this and they are usually found under paid ads.

The more clicks a link receives, the more money the company will have to spend. You don’t pay for the times it appears, you pay for the times someone clicks on it. In SEO, you don’t have to pay anything to locate the page or online store, but this does not mean that it is cheaper, as there is a very strong job behind it.

Advantages of SEM advertising in search engines

Advantages of SEM advertising

There are several points where online advertising offers multiple benefits and among many are the following:

A.- Segmentation

More doesn’t always mean better or something. A SEM campaign for e-commerce offers a good number of visitors and, more importantly, segmented traffic. This is a specific ad for a specific search or question. People who usually access these links are willing to buy.

B.- Ease of startup and administration

Launching an SEM campaign for e-commerce does not take much time and is very useful, since it allows you to make changes at any time until the set objectives are achieved.

C.- Total control

Investing in a SEM campaign for e-commerce means knowing where every euro invested will go. The advertiser is the one who will determine the amount of money to be used. Likewise, you can learn about data and metrics on how the campaign works.

How to create an effective SEM campaign for e-commerce

Effective SEM for e-commerce

A positive aspect of SEM e-commerce campaigns is that they deliver good results. The most complicated thing is not to create it, but to know how to better manage it once launched. There are some steps that can be considered to create a successful campaign such as the following:

1.- Define the strategy for the keyword

Google Adwords allows you to create a complete list of keyword where you have to add all the relevant terms for each type of search. These lists can be segmented using the match options so that Google can display the ad in the order of the words in the search.

2.- Use ad groups

ad groups

Ads must be grouped according to terms corresponding to a certain semantic area. The more ad groups that are created, the better the effectiveness of the applied campaigns. At this point it is recommended that you create various types of group ads so that you know which ones will work better than others and modify those that don’t perform well.

3.- Be creative: SEM for e-commerce

The space in which the ad and title can be described is very limited. For this reason, you need to be creative enough with the words and phrases you will use. Above all, it is recommended to use the ones that generate the most interest and hit the target.

4.- Links: a very particular detail

SEM for e-commerce

This is usually the most common mistake in SEM e-commerce campaigns. The link that is inserted in the ad must be related to a page corresponding to the keyword. In other words, if a user searches for an electronic item, the ad must send it to the place where they will find it and not to a manufacturer’s home page.

5.- Know your customers well: SEM for e-commerce

All companies have an ideal customer in mind and creating valuable content for these people is essential. Knowing how customers search the internet gives a clear insight into how a digital space should be optimized. If you don’t spend time analyzing prospects, you could be creating content for the wrong people.

6.- Follow the competition and its movements

After creating a SEM campaign for ecommerce, you need to analyze the online competition. This is a way to know the strengths and weaknesses of the other party.

7.- Create a remarketing campaign

remarketing campaign

This type of campaign is very useful, as it allows you to show ads to users who have previously shown some interest in the account or brand. It is one of the newest strategies found in the digital marketing world today. Remarketing it is suitable for those advertisers who want to increase their sales by impacting on potential customers.

Another point in favor of this strategy is that it is the users themselves who end up becoming customers of a brand. With remarketing you can build loyalty faster and more effectively.

8.- Define the objective: SEM for e-commerce

Define the SEM goal for e-commerce

At this point, a company’s marketing teams need to determine where they want to point, whether to generate more sales, generate more clicks O engagement. Among the most frequent objectives are:

  • Generate sales.
  • Increase web traffic.
  • Perception of the product and the brandr.
  • Promotion of an application.
  • Increase engagement and visibility.
  • Generate brand awareness.

Keywords and correspondence: SEM for e-commerce

Keywords and correspondence

To achieve good SEM campaign for ecommerce it is necessary to know which are the three most used types, such as: Keyword research or purchase; Display campaigns, which are ads in the form of banners and Shopping that shows the stock of products. In the search campaign, which is currently the most used strategy, it is essential to consider 5 aspects in the keywords and they are:

  • Correspondence genericFor example, if the word car was purchased with broad match, the ad will also appear in searches for Italian, German or American cars.
  • Broad match changed: it is when the “+” symbol is added to the keywords we are purchasing. It is done so that Google understands that the concepts must both appear in the ads.
  • Phrase match: here the quotes are applied to specify to Google that the keyword that was purchased should be searched as it is written.
  • Exact match: Brackets are used to position a certain keyword. It is used only when the user searches for the keyword that was previously purchased, but it must be the same as the one written.
  • Negative match: you can filter all ads in the best possible way. It allows you to filter searches that are deemed to have no results or meaning.

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