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SDR Who is he and what is his importance in the startup?

The role of a sales development representative -or SDR- may seem unknown to some companies yet but It is a key figure…
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How to get the most out of El Buen Fin (and other sales events) – Marketing 4 Ecommerce

As we have already mentioned, we are very close to the new edition of El Buen Fin 2021, a great opportunity for…
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H&M marketing works, but there’s a black swan in the way

H & M's marketing strategy in the post-coronavirus pandemic was working perfectly: more sales at non-discounted prices, moderate markdowns (although consumers will…
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Everything you don’t know about negotiating with clients

Negotiation. To me personally, thinking of this term reminds me of all the scenes from negotiation (with clients) I've seen in movies…
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