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B2B inbound marketing: what effective formats to generate leads | Wearethewords

B2B inbound marketing: how to use it to generate leads and start a relationship with your prospects? Are you addressing a B2B…
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8 SEO best practices to optimize your URLs | Wearethewords

The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) may seem less important than Meta and Title tags. Yet Google talks about the importance of using…
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Towards a balanced communication in verticality and horizontality

Today when everything is always going faster, where we are drowned in information and lose foot in the face of so much…
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What is the impact of broken links on SEO? | Wearethewords

When visitors click on a link to your site or from your site, they expect to see certain content once they get…
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How to choose an SEO tool? | Wearethewords

When looking for a paid SEO tool, you are faced with a multitude of tools and features. Therefore, it is often complicated…
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How to manage the news in your editorial calendar? | Wearethewords

What place to give to the news in its editorial calendar? For a subtle balance between responsibility, transparency and integrity. This summer,…
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Influence campaigns: what legal framework?

💥 Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch… From government awareness campaigns to the promotion of the biggest luxury brands, the creators of contents - Youtubers,…
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How to find a blog post idea? | Wearethewords

Looking for a blog post idea? A few avenues for inspiration. The fateful date of publication is approaching and you have no…
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