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How to set up an influencer marketing campaign?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that involves engaging thought leaders to help promote your product or brand. To set up…
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Marketing campaign | The best dates of the month of May

The month of May takes on beautiful colors, a rediscovered sweetness and a few very pleasant public holidays. Without forgetting, some highlights…
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Marketing campaigns | The best dates of the month April

The highlights of the month of april do not miss for boost your communication. In this article, a new Women's day (yes,…
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Where to advertise on social networks?

Fsocial media advertising area is attractive but you do not know how to choose the network that will have the most impact…
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Marketing Campaigns | 3 Dates and Ideas for the month of March

The month of March has several dates that you can use to increase your sales Where to engage your communities on social…
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Why make Facebook Ads in 2021?

In 2020, Facebook has 2.7 billion users worldwide and 38 million in France. Making Facebook the most used social network in the…
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