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How to use Instagram Reels in your digital marketing strategy

Instagram Reels It was one of the great innovations in digital marketing since 2020. This Instagram functionality focused on short videos was…
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Twitter launches its purchase option for ecommerce

Twitter It is one of the most used social networks in the world, since it allows information to be shared quickly and…
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strategy, brand partners and campaign launch

Instagram Ads it is a very powerful tool to connect with a super receptive community; According to Instagram data, more than 80%…
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How much does it cost to advertise on TikTok?

The advertising on TikTok has managed to position itself as one of the most interesting options for reaching those under 30 years…
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12 Facebook trends for your 2022 strategy

Year after year, Facebook It remains one of the favorite channels of marketers thanks to its wide reach and the many possibilities…
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