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What are the 5 levels of Maslow’s pyramid?

We all know that the marketing tries to identify and solve the needs of a market segment through the products and services…
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IEBS brings together the leading experts in agile methodologies at Project & Product Digital Day 2021

It will be held this Thursday, October 21, 2021 via streaming and access will be free and free.The event will feature speakers…
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how to measure your user experience

In any strategy that arises from marketing It must be checked whether the actions are having results or not, so it is…
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strategies focused on offering help and transparency

In the world of marketing, we are increasingly aware that we must take into account aspects that go beyond economic benefit. More…
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What is human-centric marketing? Beyond the customer is humanity

The traditional approach to marketing focuses on the consumer, but things have changed. Now, we are evolving to a paradigm that puts…
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how to build trust with your brand

The brand trust o Confidence in the brand is one of the factors that drive the public to buy a certain product…
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what it is and its importance for companies

The term "accountability"It sounds strong in the world of marketing and companies, but it is not so easy to define it the…
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