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Calling on a sports coach in business, what are the benefits?

According to the Vitality, Sport & Company barometer, only 10% of French employees today practice sport in a company. However, the WHO…
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Delegating is winning!

It is not uncommon to hear employees laughing: "instead of complaining, he had better delegate, he does not trust anyone". It is…
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These little touches that can boost motivation

While companies with a CE provide certain benefits to their employees, such as reductions, holiday vouchers or even Christmas gifts, smaller organizations…
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How to re-motivate your employees

The start of the school year is fast approaching and many managers fear that their employees will be demotivated. According to an…
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The secrets of companies where it is good to work

All studies prove that the atmosphere at work has a direct influence on the productivity of employees. Many leaders have taken an…
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