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[Podcast] How to be optimistic – LauraRibas

What would your life be like if you were able to expect the best of it and, despite the problems, still hope?Would…
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[Podcast] How and when to let go of what doesn’t work

Have you ever stayed in a relationship longer than it should, pushed a business that hadn't worked for a long time, or…
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How to scale your business by being an introvert

Do you consider yourself a shy person? Do you hate being the center of attention and avoid any situation that puts the…
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How to overcome your prejudices about marketing and sales

Do you hate selling?If you have a business, I regret to inform you that you not only need to sell, but that…
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How to get your motivation back – This will make you unstoppable!

Are you in a moment where it is difficult for you to find the energy to fight for your dream or, simply,…
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Podcast: How to Manage Your Stress

Do you feel overwhelmed and with the feeling that you do not get to everything? Have you normalized stress in your life?…
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