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How to manage customers well and close more sales?

You've certainly heard about the customer journey and how important it is to retain this key part of any business, right? The…
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discover what it is and how to do it in your brand

Have you ever heard of rebranding? This expression in English is widely used by brands in all sectors, but before we get…
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What is PUV and how to do it for your business?

Unsurprisingly, the market is increasingly competitive and the need to stand out among the various offers on the market is only increasing.…
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Process Automation Guide for Digital Entrepreneurs

The digital branch is an outlet sought by many people to make money. Interesting content, innovative products and services that make life…
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Hotmart is nominated for the ReclameAQUI Award for the 6th time!

Hotmart was created with a mission: allow people to live off their passions and transforming content creators into entrepreneurs. A global leader…
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