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10 Best Maintenance Tools To Improve PC Performance

PCs require continuous maintenance to ensure a great experience. Cleaning unwanted data, updating the software, keeping the system safe from harmful programs…
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How to Create a Resource-Friendly Browser (Using Opera)

If you have limited internet data plan or have an old PC that can’t handle your browsing needs, then you could try…
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How to Control Windows Only With Keyboard

No need to worry if you have lost access to your PC mouse, you can still control your PC just with the…
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How to Disable Website Location Tracking & Desktop Notifications

Many websites ask for your location to offer better services or request to show desktop notifications to keep you updated. These prompts…
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How to Upgrade to Windows 11 From Older Versions

Microsoft boasts of offering the best experience with its brand-new operating system Windows 11, which is going to be the successor to…
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10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Opera Browser

Opera is one of the most underrated browsers out there. Even though it usually pops up in the most-popular browser lists, only…
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