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What is the difference between Content Marketing and Branded Content?

Wanting to make a living from writing seems like an impossible dream. Who reads today? Is there anyone who reads the words…
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List of connectors to improve the writing of your content

The connectors for the writing of your content is very important. Not only from the persuasive field, it is also important to…
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Content Marketing vs. Copywriting What Service Does Your Company Require?

Do you want to implement content services for your business and you don't know where to start? Here you will find a…
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Differences between digital marketing and social media marketing

Guest article written by Fabienne Kervella, freelance web editor In the past, a company made itself known mainly through advertisements in newspapers,…
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this is what your customers expect from your brand

The coronavirus blew up your strategic plan in mid-March: all those lines of work that had cost you so many efforts have…
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