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Pinterest analytics: analyze your strategy

Pinterest analytics is a tool from the social network itself, which allows you to analyze how your pins and boards are working.…
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How to calculate engagement on Pinterest

Engagement on Pinterest is the level of activity that users show with the content you publish and that your publications generate. Beyond…
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What are KPIs and how do they work?

From the world of digital business to that of high-performance sports, measuring has become an essential activity in our daily lives. What…
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How to discover the real needs of the users who visit your website

To build a website that works well, that is easy to use and that drives conversions, it is important that it adjusts…
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What is source and medium in Google Analytics? Here it is explained!

Fuente y Medio, something very, very common in the world of Marketing and digital analytics. Something that you have surely heard about…
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How to avoid growth hacking frustration with the LL.CC framework?

Few people I have met with the tenacity of Vicent. His capacity for growth, his insight, his ideas, his eagerness to share…
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