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We see more and more present in social networks the trend of consumption of short and striking videos. Platforms like tik tok me instagram reels have motivated this type of content due to its great growth in the last year after the pandemic. YouTube has not been left behind, since a few months ago they […]

Or not, but surely these examples surprise you or, at least, inspire you. TikTok is undoubtedly the hottest app in confinement (well, along with Houseparty) When we already had the role of each of the social networks of course (and there is no better proof of this than the #DollyPartonChallenge), TikTok arrives and breaks the […]

That marketing campaigns with invasive and aggressive ads no longer work is becoming clearer every day. This change in advertising occurs because competition has grown, the market is saturated with advertising and information and, therefore, the options that consumers have when choosing a product or service are very numerous. Are you taking this new landscape […]

The pandemic has completely upset our lives, we hear it repeated every day but above all each of us lives it daily on our own skin. We are not talking about a mystery, it is real and it is in front of our eyes. Among the various realities that carry the weight of these great […]

Not sure what titles to write in your blog articles? Nobody clicks on them? Don’t worry, I’m going to give you the secret keys to multiply your blog’s visits by writing SEO-optimized titles. The meta-description tag is key when it comes to getting people to choose your article over another (improve CTR), but the most […]

Do you feel like putting together an advertising campaign is hard? Listen in as your host Hernan Vazquez describes a couple of ways that you can make your advertising better so that it can add value to your business. Hernan is a digital marketing trainer and consultant that works with clients and students around the […]

Are you considering your email marketing strategy for 2022? Want to know the trends that could help you better formulate and execute your email campaigns? The team from Red Website Design share 7 email marketing trends in this infographic. Here’s a quick summary: User-generated content Hyper-segmentation and personalization Omnichannel communication AR / VR Interactivity Mobile […]

The growing popularity of Pinterest has led many companies to use Pinterest Ads, a tool that, as it works on other social networks, allows the launch of promotional content within the platform in order to attract the attention of users. Now Pinterest has announced the launch of Pinterest Shopping, which will allow some brands to […]

Twitter allows you to share any type of information very quickly and easily in 280 characters. A characteristic that has made it one of the most popular social networks in the world, which is why many brands include Twitter Ads in their content strategies. Now, in addition, this social network has included Twitter Shopping, which […]